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Inclusivity: Sustainability’s Powerhouse


Can we stop the 2030 Labour Crisis?

Understanding the skills required for the future

Sustaining People


A new TED Talk just released discusses the upending of the global labour market in the ten years between 2020 and 2030.

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The Millenium Development Goals-where to now?

Pushing for inclusive growth in Africa

Aid and Africa: The Way Forward?

Is AID really the way forward…..? decades later and Africa is still poor..

the developmentinator

aidAs a citizen of a country that has been give billions in aid though the years, I have always been rather sceptic on the subject. I never believed that aid could lead to something sustainable, something that would allow people the power and freedom to fully express themselves and break the shackles of poverty. Aid usually refers to financial assistance given by richer countries to poorer countries. There are two main types of aid, Humanitarian aid and Development aid. Humanitarian aid aims to help in the short term (e.g. to help after natural disasters or emergencies), to provide essential services and resources to people who are in difficulty. It is only meant to alleviate suffering in the short term rather than contributing towards longer-term poverty alleviation.

In my country, Kenya, both types of aid are visible and have been for quite a while. After the post-election violence in 2008, Kenya…

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